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Tuesday, April 23, 2019


The West African Health Organization (WAHO) is the health institution of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), with a mandate to ensure the attainment of the highest possible standard and protection of health of the people in the ECOWAS region. Communicable and non-communicable diseases are the leading causes of morbidity and mortality in the region. Therefore, disease control and the prevention of epidemics are among the priorities of the 15 countries in the ECOWAS region and a major focus of WAHO’s work.

The World Bank has provided grants to ECOWAS for WAHO to implement the Four (4) following projects:

- Sahel Women’s Empowerment and Demography Project (SWEDD)

- Sahel Malaria and Neglected Tropical Diseases Project (SM/NTD)

- The Regional Diseases Surveillance Systems Enhancement (REDISSE) Project in West


- West Africa Medicines Regulatory Harmonization (WA-MRH).

The objective of the Sahel Women’s Empowerment and Demographic Dividend Regional Project (SWEDD) is to contribute to the broader goal of reducing vulnerability and improving economic opportunities in the Sahel Region by working across countries and in conjunction with national systems, programs and Projects. Specifically, the project development objective is to promote cross border benefits, regional goods and efficiencies in both demand and supply side interventions that contribute to accelerating the demographic dividend.

The project has 4 components:

1. Improve regional demand for Reproductive, Mother, Newborn and Child Health and Nutrition (RMNCHN) services and increase empowerment for women and adolescents;

2. Strengthen regional capacity for availability of RMNCHN commodities and rural midwives;

3. Support rural midwifery training institutions in target countries, strengthen their capacity to increase the quantity and quality of midwives;

4. Foster political commitment and capacity for policy making and project implementation.

The objective of the Sahel Malaria and Neglected Tropical Diseases Project (SM/NTD) is to increase access to and use of harmonized country-level services for the prevention and treatment of malaria and selected Neglected Tropical Diseases targeting cross-border areas in participating countries in the Sahel region.

The project has 2 components:

1. Improve regional collaboration for better results across participating countries

2. Strengthen institutional capacity to coordinate and monitor implementation.

The main objective of the Regional Diseases Surveillance Systems Enhancement (REDISSE) Project in West Africa is to: Build national and regional inter-sectoral capacities for enhanced collaborative disease surveillance and epidemics preparedness in West Africa by overcoming the weaknesses of the human and animal health systems that hinder efficient surveillance of diseases and response. The REDISSE project has five (5) components:

1. Surveillance and Health Information;

2. Laboratory Capacity Building;

3. Preparedness and Emergency Response;

4. Human Resource Management for effective disease surveillance and epidemic preparedness; and

5. Institutional Capacity Building, Project Management, Coordination and Advocacy.

The main objective of the West African Medicines Regulatory Harmonization project (WA-MRH) is to improve the availability of safe and quality medicines and vaccines on the pharmaceutical market in the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) through strengthening and harmonization of regulatory systems, improving efficiency and transparency in the registration of medicines and vaccines.

Each of the above-mentioned projects contains a number of procurement activities that are essential in achieving the stated objectives.

To this end, WAHO seeks to recruit a qualified and experienced Procurement Specialist.


- Implement basic procurement instruments (operations manuals, guidelines and contract management documents in accordance with the requirements of the project implementation manual;

- Implement contract management tools suitable to the needs of the project, including the annual procurement plan and its periodic updating;

- Develop mechanisms to monitor contracts performance;

- Develop the mechanisms, procedures and practices necessary for the integrity of the procurement system, including the physical filing system;

- Ensure good quality and daily updating of the STEP database;

- Prepare Quarterly, Semi-annual and Annual Procurement Reports as inputs into the Project Management Reports;

- Coordinate preparation of post procurement reviews by the Bank and participate in Bank supervision missions;

- Any other reasonable duties that may be assigned from time to time by WAHO Management.


Under the supervision of the General Coordinator of the Projects Management Unit (PMU), and in close collaboration with the WAHO Administrative Officer, the Procurement Specialist will be responsible for:

 Implementing a simple procurement management system including (i) planning procurement operations, (ii) monitoring progress, (iii) analyzing gaps between performance and the procurement plan.

 The quality of the entire procurement process, and more specifically for the following:

o Follow up with the technical services benefiting from the acquisition or project coordination unit to prepare and finalize the terms of reference (TOR), for the procurement of consultant services, and the technical specifications of goods and works;

o Prepare and ensure quality control of tender documents, and requests for proposals (following the models provided by IDA) prepared by the technical units to be submitted to IDA for no objection, and ensure their submission/sale as appropriate;

o Prepare and launch calls for tenders (where applicable, notices of expression of interest or pre-selection), according to the methods agreed in the loan or grant agreements;

o Ensure proper management of tendering in progress ;

o Participate in public bid opening sessions to provide advice and ensure quality control of the reports of bids opening and proposals received, prepared by the technical units;

o Ensure quality control of the bid opening and evaluation reports to be signed jointly by the other designated members of these committees;

o Assist the Thematic Project Coordinators and Technical Units in the preparation of final contracts, after obtaining notices of no objection if required; ensure that all relevant procurement and contract documents are signed by the persons authorized to do so, and ensure timely distributed to all stakeholders;

o Design and implement a supplier database, and develop management statistics that will allow donors to measure the level of performance of the procurement team;

o Daily monitoring of the STEP project database to ensure its quality and that all documents are archived at the corresponding stage of the activity's roadmap.

 S/he will be responsible for planning, preparing and coordinating the procurement schedule for consultants, goods and works for each project;

 S/he will monitor and ensure timely responses to procurement questions raised by the World Bank and also prepare the requests for “no objection”, and coordinate arrangements for the negotiation process, where necessary;

 S/he will be responsible for preparing all activity reports prescribed by the Procurement Procedures Manual of the Project Coordination Unit, but also for any other reports that donors may request in the course of project implementation;

 S/he will have to set up a system for filing procurement dossiers that will include for each contract all documents relating to that contract, including documents relating to payments, in order to allow any subsequent review of IDA, physically and in STEP;

 S/he will work in liaison and close collaboration with the Procurement Department at WAHO.


To avoid potential conflict of interest situations that may not allow him/her to give an objective opinion in the sole interest of the client, the Procurement Specialist:

a. Will not be a member of the Evaluation Committee to which he/she provides useful advice for compliance with the rules; however, he/she could provide the secretariat of the Procurement Committee, an internal control body;

b. Shall not participate in the performance of the contract, in particular (i) quality or quantity receipts, and (ii) payment; he/she shall provide clarification in the event of disputes in the interpretation of the contract clauses; and

c. Shall not be in a position of material accounting manager.


In carrying out his/her mission within the team, the Procurement Specialist will provide useful advice to all team members in:

a. The bid opening, bid evaluation and contract award proposal phase;

b. Providing response to bidders’ requests for clarification;

c. Responding to the comments of the World Bank and any other lenders;

d. Proposals for alternative solutions when a procurement problem cannot be resolved internally;

e. The review of all incoming and outgoing correspondences relating to procurement to ensure that the mail has been processed in full compliance with the rules and regulations;

f. The interpretation of the contract clauses in the event of a dispute during the performance of the contract.


The Procurement Specialist will sign a performance contract with WAHO to ensure the timely production of (i) regular updates of the project procurement plan, (ii) the monthly activity report, (iii) the quality of procurement dossiers, including those subject to the World Bank’s notice of no objection, and (iv) the updating of acquisition records to support the World Bank’s post-contract reviews (PPRs). The Procurement Specialist shall submit to the World Bank, a monthly activity report no later than fifteen (15) days after the end of the month to which it relates to and a final report at the end of his/her mandate.

These reports will also include the accountant’s recommendations on disbursements and must be submitted in duplicates to the Coordinator. The reporting format to be provided will be defined in agreement with IDA specifications and will include at least the contract information required in the project’s administrative and financial report (RAF).

All such reports must be cleared by WAHO management before external distribution.


The administration will provide the Procurement Specialist with all appropriate documents, records and tools necessary for the performance of his/her mission. The administration will also provide the Procurement Specialist with the necessary premises and equipment to ensure proper service delivery. An evaluation of the performance of the Procurement Specialist will be conducted annually.


• Master’s Degree in Business, Public Administration, Procurement or other related disciplines;

• At least 7 years professional experience in the management of public procurement;

• Experienced or acquainted with the World Bank and other international donor procurement regulations, procedures and standard documents;

• Knowledge of public sector procurement requirements;

• A high level of computer proficiency in computerized procurement systems;

• Demonstrated experience working in a multicultural environment and with senior level professionals, variety of partners and diverse stakeholder groups;

• Demonstrated capacity building experience;

• Highly organized with a positive attitude, and a team player and

• Speak and read fluently one of the official Community languages namely English, French and Portuguese. A working knowledge of a second official language would be an advantage.


This is a WAHO consultancy position supported by donor funds. The appointment is for one year subject to initial three (3) months probationary period and may be renewed according to availability of funds from the project. Attractive consolidated remuneration packages will be paid. The Procurement Specialist will be based at WAHO Headquarters in Bobo-Dioulasso, BURKINA FASO, but will travel in the ECOWAS region as required.

WAHO now invites qualified individuals to indicate their interest in providing the services. They should provide information that they have the required qualifications and relevant experience to perform the services (Cover letter, detailed Curriculum Vitae - including description of similar assignments, and experience - and copies of supporting documents).

The desired individual consultant will be selected in accordance with the procedures for the selection of individual consultants set out in the World Bank’s Guidelines: Selection and Employment of Consultants by World Bank Borrowers, (January 2011, revised version 2014) which is available on the Bank’s website at http://www.worldbank.org.

Duly qualified Female candidates are strongly encouraged to apply.

Interested and qualified individual Consultants should express their interest by submitting their detailed application (in person, by mail or email) to the address below:

Prof. Stanley OKOLO

Director General

West African Health Organisation

01 BP 153 Bobo-Dioulasso 01


Email: [email protected] cc [email protected]

The top right corner of the envelope or the subject of the email must indicate the position applied for. The deadline for receipt of applications is 30th April at 12:00 hours GMT.

WAHO or the World Bank will not be responsible for any costs or expenses incurred by the individual consultant in connection with the preparation or submission of the EOI.

Prof. Stanley OKOLO

Director General

Connect Centre